D-Link DFE-530TX 10/100Mbps PCI Ethernet Adapter Card

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Product description

Product Description

The D-Link DFE-530TX is an IEEE 802.3 10/100Mbps compliant Fast Ethernet adapter especially designed for PCI bus computers. The D-Link DFE-530TX supports both 100Base-TX two-pair category 5 UTP cable and 10Base-T categories 3, 4, or 5 UTP cable connections. It also operates with full duplex, doubling the network speed to 20/200Mbps.

Utilizing the Plug and Play features, the DFE-530TX adapter is fully self-configurable for easy installation. Three on-face LEDs indicate speed, link, and activity.

The D-Link DFE-530TX, with its PCI 32-bit data bus, can deliver high throughput without the need for onboard memory. The 10/100Mbps MAC controller has sufficient FIFO memory built in for receive/transmit packet buffering, along with PCI bus mastering. The DFE-530TX can be lower PCI bus use and free the CPU for other bus-intensive applications.

Box Contains


  • DFE-530TX Ethernet Adapter Card
  • DFE-530TX Software Diskette
  • User's Guide