Spiderman PS4 Slim Only PlayStation 4 Skin Sticker Decal Console Controller

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Complete SET - Top, Sides Back and 2 controllers

Please note these are for PS4 Slim Console only . If your Console is the Older Fat version please have a look at our other listings for more designs


All skins are made from quality, adhesive backed vinyl that is

pr-cut to fit perfectly. Full Set- Console and 2 Controllers


  • Protect your Console from scratch & dust.
  • Stylish & Sleek design
  • UK SELLER - Fast & Free Dispatch
  • Free Returns if you change your mind( Returned with no damage and not used)


What do I need to apply my skin? 
Basically you do not need any special tools to fix your skin, but we know from experience that following the installation instructions makes it easier.
A flat, clean surface - such as a kitchen table
    One damp cloth
    1 dry cloth
    1 cleaning cloth - for example, a cleaning cloth
    A pointed object - such as a potato peeler
    Pas, for example, a credit card
Basic installation tips

Make sure your hands are thoroughly washed before you start - natural oils from the skin can damage the skins.
    Become familiar with your skin - so you know which part needs to go where
    Use a damp cloth to clean the console or controller - using nothing but water
    If the skin inadvertently sticking to something - don't pull or yank it, this can damage or stretch the skin
    Do not remove the clear protective - this protection is there to protect your skin
Okay, now what?
Prepare your table: you want a flat, clean surface - avoid dust, hairs and leftovers on the table. Prepare your hands: wash your hands with soap and water to remove all the natural oils from your hands - dry your hands thoroughly
Prepare your controller or console: The surface must be clean - use a damp cloth to clean the surface, use water only!
Make your device dry, use a dry cloth - do not leave any water residue
Prepare your skin: Use a sharp pointed object to gently remove the unnecessary parts
Now you can start placing the skin:
Controller skin: work from the inside out, take your time. Make sure everything fits together.
Console skin: make sure you know what skin should be placed on what part of the console.
Ironing remaining fine bubbles through a lens cloth - make sure you do not damaged by pressing too hard the skin
Ready! You have just applied your skin!
Make sure that the PS4 console has  enough room to ventilate to avoid any problems with the skin. In the unlikely event that a skin looses, it is advisable to heat the skin with a hair dryer for 3-5 seconds.
The console can be placed vertically and horizontally. If you place the console horizontally, we recommend not to skin the bottom side of the console. This is due to the heating problem of the console.